Cereus Network Absolute Poker Review

Cereus Poker Network – Absolute PokerCereus Network – Absolute Poker Review

Find Out How Joining The Cereus Network Has Improved This Established Poker Brand Here…

Pros Cons Bonus
Both US and Worldwide Players Welcome Software On The Plain Side 150% Boost To 1st Deposit With bonus code PBKLUB
Generous Bonuses / Promotions Including 150% First Time Limited High Stakes Games Regular Reload Bonuses, Promos And Special Offers
More Than 22,000 Players At Peaks = Great Table Choice   FAME Loyalty Scheme To Keep Regulars Rewarded

Absolute Poker have been established for many years – long ago being a favorite site for fixed limit Holdem players due to overlapping reload bonuses. Good new – Absolute have moved on! With a huge number of games centered around their no-limit Holdem offerings and some fantastic bonuses and promotions (starting with a 150% boost to your first deposit), Absolute and the Cereus Network are now a strong contender in the online poker world. This Cereus Network Absolute Poker Review goes into some detail, for those readers who prefer things quick-fire, we have summarized the review in ‘3-bullets’ at the end of the article.

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bonus code: PBKLUB

Cereus Poker Network – Absolute Poker – Cash Game And Tournament Selection

No-Limit Holdem games, and in particular the 6-max tables are hugely popular on the Cereus Poker Network’s Absolute Poker. If you are used to playing the lower to mid-stakes at some of the bigger US-friendly poker sites then we think you will be in for a pleasant surprise at how much softer the Cereus cash games are. Stakes start at just pennies, with the most popular games at $1 / $2 blinds and below – high stakes tables can also be found, especially in the US evenings and at weekends. You will also find Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7-Stud, 7-Stud Hi-Lo, Razz and HORSE games at Absolute Poker.

Tournaments really improved after the join-up with Ultimate Bet as the ‘Cereus Poker Network’. When the sites were separate, Absolute distinguished themselves by running their big weekend tournament on a Saturday. Combining this with the UB Sunday major means that players get two shots at those big money final tables instead of just one. As with the cash games the lower to mid buy-ins is where you will find the action – and you will notice that the fields are smaller and games softer than at other major poker sites.

Cereus Poker Network – Absolute Poker – Software And Service

While the Absolute Poker Cereus Network powered software runs quickly and smoothly, it is rather plain looking when compared to the colorful graphics at some of the other sites. When we play at AP we think of this as an advantage – after all, boring-looking software allows you to focus on taking the money from your opponents instead!

Customer service at Absolute Poker is via one of 4 dedicated e-mail addresses depending on the nature of your enquiry (technical, deposits etc). Replies are 24/7 and, as you would expect with a long established poker site, staff are experienced and knowledgeable.

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Cereus Poker Network – Absolute Poker – Bonuses And Promotions

Absolute Poker offer a long list of bonuses and specials for their players – we are only going to be able to give you highlights in one review – so make sure you keep an eye on their website for the latest and greatest offers.

We will start with the 150% matched bonus on your first deposit (max $500) with bonus code PBKLUB. This clears in increments as you play and is the largest percentage of any of the top 10 established poker sites. Absolute Poker have topped this up with reload bonuses regularly in the past. The points you collect clearing your bonus will also count towards your VIP club membership level. Known as ‘FAME’ this loyalty scheme rewards you with cash and tournament entries which increase the more you play.

Most of the promotions at Absolute are one-off, and are often themed around live events such as winning a seat in a WPT event or even the World Series of poker. Some other fun promotions include the cash game Bad-beat jackpot and the ‘Donkament’ tournament. Leaderboards and races also feature on this promotion-packed site.

We recommend you keep an eye on the Absolute Poker Website to see the latest promotions for yourself.

Cereus Poker Network – Absolute Poker – Summary And Next Steps

Here is our 3-bullet summary of Absolute Poker on the Cereus Network to recap for those who read the review and to provide a quick summary for those who did not.

  • Great game selection, mainly NLHE and 6-max at the lower to mid-limits, noticeably softer games and tournaments than at some larger US-friendly sites.
  • Plain software but reliable and easy to use, we see this as a plus, since you can focus on the all-important ‘making money’ part!
  • 150% match to start (with bonus code PBKLUB), plus a huge range of ongoing promotions, one of the very best when it comes to looking after regular players.

Joining UB on the Cereus Poker Network has done great things for the games at Absolute Poker – We recommend that all readers check out Absolute Poker for themselves now!

Cereus Poker Network – Absolute Poker – Cash Game And Tournament Selection

bonus code: PBKLUB

Cereus Poker Network Security Holes Now Plugged

After an embarrassing hole was exposed in their encryption – the Cereus Poker Network have today announced a major security upgrade.

Introducing SSL encryption to replace the previous XOR encryption system has successfully plugged the hole – which could have allowed a 3rd party to see your hole cards.

Cereus’ security lapse was first publicized by a 3rd Party Software tool provider – Poker Table Ratings – who found that the old encryption was vulnerable over an unsecured wireless network using standard windows tools.

The combination of factors which would have allowed someone to cheat players were obscure – they would have to get access to your network and then log on to the same table as you, presumably without knowledge of what others at the table were holding. However after the ‘Potripper’ scandal and Super-user scams which forced the creation of the Cereus Network in the first place – the leak was embarrassing to say the least.

Traffic was affected, with this Poker Network going from the 6th busiest to the 9th after the security scare broke. It remains to be seen how quickly things will return to normal.

The Poker Bonus Network’s position is that this highlights that Cereus are under the close scrutiny of those who love the game – ensuring that your money is as safe there as anywhere now that the encryption problems are solved.

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