Poker Tools For The iPoker Network

Here We List The Key Poker Software Tools Which Are Compatible With The iPoker Network

Poker software tools which assist your game are now so common that up to half of your opponents are benefiting from them at any one time. These range from simple gadgets which help you with odds calculations, though to advanced programs which actively monitor your opponents and provide real-time advice on how to beat them. Different poker tools can help with different game types. For a small investment these can make a big difference to your bottom line – and we recommend that those serious about making money from the online poker tables check out the selection below. Continue reading

Poker Software Tools Compatible With The OnGame Network

We Highlight The Best Poker Tools Compatible With OnGame Network Software

Poker Tools are no longer the ‘nice extra’ of old, with poker games getting tougher and more training and strategy advice than ever available – players need to get every help possible to profit from the tables. Choosing the (relatively speaking) soft games at OnGame is a great start – investing in your choice of the huge range of poker software tools can seriously improve your profits. Continue reading

Merge Network Compatible Poker Tools

Overview Of The Best Poker Tools Which Are Compatible With Merge Poker Network Sites

Some great news for Merge Network fans – Carbon Poker, the leading site on this US-friendly poker network – are now giving away a poker calculator. This is not just a simple tool either! Live stats display, opponent profiling and all the odds and equity calculations you could imagine… put it this way, there are equivalent tools out there being sold for around $100. Continue reading

Recommended Tools For The Microgaming Poker Network

Poker Tools For Microgaming Network

Grab Yourself A Huge Edge At The Tables With These Carefully Selected Software Tools

There are literally 100’s of poker tools available for sale. While many of these will give you a profitable edge in your poker games – many others are junk, and some are actually explicitly banned by the poker networks. Here at the Poker Bonus Network we highlight only the best poker software tools which are approved for use. Many of these tools come with free trials so you can make sure they are right for you before you invest.

Microgaming Poker Tools – For Cash Game Players – Poker Edge 4

This is one of the best poker software tools anywhere online – thanks to the fact that the information on opponents is pooled and available to all users. In addition to the on-screen stats you collect yourself while playing, having a massive database of hands will (literally) make you feel like you know your opponents every move personally. Check out the Poker Edge Website for more information on this powerful tool.

Microgaming Poker Tools – For Tournament Players – Tournament Indicator

Tournament players need to contend with the changing situations and dynamics at the table as well as those terrible Microgaming opponents. Tournament Indicator is unique, using algorithms which take Harrington’s theories of ‘Mzones’ and ‘Inflection Points’ and combining this with an odds calculator + opponent monitoring functionality. The result is an amazing help to tournament players which will see you on your way to the final table again and again. A 3 day trial is available via the Tournament Indicator Website.

Microgaming Poker Tools – For Sit N Go Players – SNG Wizard

SNG Wizard (or SNG Wiz for short) is a specialist poker calculator which works with ‘Prize Pool Equity’ models and ICM to sharpen up your SNG Bubble play. This is used when you are not playing to analyze you game histories. SNG Wiz flags those hands it thinks are mathematically incorrect and allows you to change the ranges of hands and chip stacks to learn how they could have been profitable. Experienced SNG Players swear by this tool, grab yourself a full 30 trial at SNG Wiz now.

Microgaming Poker Tools – For Omaha Poker Players – Omaha Indicator

Another product from the same people who brought you Tournament Indicator. Omaha Indicator is the world’s best specialist Omaha calculator and advice engine, this works with high-only and high-low variations and is great for those ambiguous outs vs equity situations which come up in Omaha a lot, especially when the pot gets large. Again a 3 day trial is available at the Omaha Indicator Website

Microgaming Poker Tools – For General Poker Fans – Poker Calculator Pro

Those players who do not fit into the above categories and would like a profitable edge in all of their poker games should check out Poker Calculator Pro. This is made by the acclaimed Pro Poker Labs and is almost certainly the most profitable poker calculator available. Once you have a razor sharp ability to get on the right side of the odds, the profit will soon follow. Check out the Pro Poker Labs website for more.

Poker Tools Compatible With The Cereus Poker Network

Grab Yourself A Profitable Edge At The Cereus Poker Tables With These Poker Software Tools

Even at a relatively soft network like Cereus, players who are serious about their poker can gain a bigger profitable edge by employing some of the poker software tools available. This article covers some of the best poker tools for Cereus Network players, giving information on how each one can assist your game, along with details of free trial periods where applicable.

Cereus Poker Tool Rec For Money Game Players – Poker Edge 5

The latest and greatest version of Poker Edge works with the Cereus Poker Network. Poker Edge 5 has many features familiar to money game (cash game) players such as on-screen stats and hands database. Where this tool has a powerful edge on the competition is with a massive database of hands pooled from every user worldwide. This gives you insights into players you never saw before which would take you 1000’s of hands to collect yourself – a huge edge on the competition! Check out the amazing features of this Cereus Network compatible tool for yourself at the Poker Edge Website.

Cereus Network Tool Rec For Tournament Players – Tournament Indicator

Fans of Multi-table tournaments will already be enjoying the soft fields and generous guarantees on Ultimate Bet or Absolute Poker. Tournament Indicator is a Cereus Compatible Poker Tool which will take you to the next level. It combines odds advice, monitors and categorizes your opponents and also (uniquely) works on Harrington’s famous M score to give you specialist advice at those crucial tournament inflection points. A free 3-day trial will show you how it can help you, hit the Tournament Indicator Website for more.

Cereus Network Tool Rec For SNG Tournament Fans – SNG Wiz

Serious SNG Players know that the big profit is at the bubble, and there is no tool (Cereus compatible or otherwise) which can improve your bubble play like SNG Wiz. You actually use this between playing sessions, rather than in real time. After importing hand histories you will immediately be able to spot any mathematical mistakes at the bubble – and then play with hand ranges until you find a solution. After a few tries your bubble play will be close to unexploitable, combine this with a 30 day free trial and the we have a winning combination, check out the SNG Wiz Website now for more.

Cereus Network Tool Rec For PLO and PLO8 Fans – Omaha Indicator

This Cereus Poker Network compatible tool is from the same people who produce the acclaimed Tournament Indicator. Working specifically for Omaha (or Omaha Hi-Lo) this unique odds calculator will instantly clarify those tricky equity vs odds and outs situations (especially useful where there is already a lot of money in the pot). You will be seriously enjoying the Cereus Poker Omaha tables with the help of this excellent poker software tool.  Check out the Omaha Indicator Website here.

Cereus Network Tools Rec – Best General Odds Calculator – Poker Calculator Pro

We can not have a Cereus Poker Network tools article without a mention for the most advanced poker odds calculator anywhere. The Poker Calculator Pro is the flagship offering from the acclaimed Pro Poker Labs and will sharpen your game whatever form of poker you enjoy – find out more at the Pro Poker Labs website.