New! Twister Sit N Goes On The iPoker Network

It is not too often a brand new poker variation is released and immediately captures the imagination of players worldwide… That is exactly what has happened with the new ‘Twister Sit n Goes’ on the iPoker Network. These combine fast 3 handed short-stacked play with a randomized prize pool in each new game which can be 1000 times your buy-in.

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New Super Turbo + 6-Max Sit N Goes On The Merge Poker Network

News for SNG fans today, as the Merge Poker Network add a raft of new games and buy-in levels to their Sit N Go offerings. For those who have not yet discovered those soft games at Merge (I recommend Carbon Poker there), you will already find a great selection of SNGs there – focused on the lower to mid levels, with bounty knockout games and a selection of speeds and sizes. If you need another reason to check them out – how about a free entry to a $10 Sit N Go of your choice? Deposit is required for this, we will add it as a bonus on top of the 200% match you get with our coupon code PBKLUB , check out Carbon Poker now to claim yours!

One main change with the Sit N Goes is the addition of Super-Turbo games. These are seriously fast, 3 minute blind levels might sound fairly normal, it is when you find out that blinds start at 100 and 50 and chipstacks start at 1000 chips that you start to understand that a good push-fold game and a certain element of fearlessness are required for these games. All the games on the Merge Network can be considered soft – I honestly expect these ones to be even softer!

Next up is a nice increase in the 6-max sit n goes, Merge are expanding the number of buy-in levels at turbo and non-turbo speeds. I will list the new additions below as this is clearer than writing about each one individually.

Real Money – 6 player Sit N Goes

Gibbon Room $200+$15
Heron Room $300 + $20
Timber Wolf Room $400 + $22

Real money – 6 player Turbo Sit N Goes

Lynx Room $110+$9
Raven Room $180+$14
Swordfish Room $220 + $15
Peregrine Room $330 + $30

Real Money – 6 player Super Turbo Sit N Goes

Hummingbird $5 + $0.30
Swift $10 + $0.50
Hare $20 + $0.90
Greyhound $35 + $1.50
Coyote $50 + $2
Gazelle $100 + $3.70
Sailfish $209 + $7
Marlin $350 + $10
KillerWhale $500 + $12

My question is whether the fishiness of the games will match up with the names!

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